Platonic love is when there is trust, safety, and validation in a close relationship. It evokes a sense of “feeling good” and being cared for without romantic or sexual intentions. 

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Some of the signs of platonic love are: 

1. Closeness 

You feel a close connection with the other person and share things in common. 

2. Honesty 

You can be honest and open with the other person about what you think and feel. 

3. Acceptance 

You feel comfortable and safe to be yourself around the other person. You don’t judge each other. 

4. Understanding 

You respect and support each other’s personal space and boundaries. You don’t try to change or control each other. 

5. Loyalty 

You are faithful and reliable to each other. You don’t betray or hurt each other intentionally. 

7. Fun 

You enjoy spending time with each other. You have fun and laugh together. 

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