Here are the steps  to make Greek Yogurt.

What is Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt is a twisted yogurt—a protein obtained through additional thickening and straining.

For homemade Greek yogurt, gather milk, plain yogurt, a container, thermometer, strainer, and cheesecloth.

What you need?

Heat the Milk.


For the perfect textured yogurt base, heat milk to 185°F.

Cool and Mix.


Cool the milk to 110°F, add the yogurt, and let the cultures work their magic.

Let It Sit.


Ferment in a warm place for 4-8 hours. The gentle warmth of an oven light works.

Straining To Greek Yogurt


Convert plain yogurt to Greek yogurt by straining it to your desired thickness.

Serve it, and enjoy


Your Greek yogurt is ready, style it by topping with cherries and fruits and enjoy the yogurt.