Metastatic prostate cancer spreads beyond the prostate gland. Key pathways include lymphatic, blood, and direct extension.

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Lymphatic Spread

– Lymph nodes in the pelvis are often the first sites of spread. – Nearby lymph nodes may be affected initially.

Blood Spread

– Cancer cells can enter the bloodstream, spreading to distant organs. – Common sites include bones, liver, and lungs.

Bone Metastases 

– Bones are a frequent site due to their rich blood supply. – Spine, pelvis, and long bones are commonly affected.

Liver Metastases 

– Less common, but prostate cancer can spread to the liver. – Typically occurs in advanced stages of the disease.

Lung Metastases 

– Prostate cancer rarely spreads to the lungs. – Occurs in later stages or aggressive forms of the disease.

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