Function of Kidneys

The kidneys are essential for overall health because they filter blood, eliminate waste, regulate fluid-electrolyte balance, manage blood pressure, make hormones (including erythropoietin), activate vitamin D. , and maintain acid-base homeostasis.

Smart Food, Healthy Kidneys

Here are the foods that are good for your kidneys:

Egg Whites

Kidney-friendly egg whites provide protein minus phosphorus, which supports kidney health without stressing the kidneys.

Olive Oil

Antioxidant-rich olive oil, phosphorus free, supports kidneys. Use for cooking and salads, nourish health.


Low in both potassium and phosphorus, cabbage is rich in nutrients. Benefits for kidneys and general health.

Red Bell Peppers

Bell peppers, which are high in antioxidants and low in phosphorus and potassium, improve kidney vitality.